Jeff Badzik

Jeff Badzik grew up in Mountain View back when the area was known as Santa Clara Valley, not Silicon Valley. Jeff enjoyed the early rock sounds of the British Invasion and the American rockers, but fell in love with the blues at around age 13. While his friends were all listening to groups like The Beatles and Stones, Jeff, like his older brother, found himself attracted to the gritty sound of the blues from Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, and BB King. Soon bands like the Paul Butterfield Band, Jonny Winter, and Canned Heat were on the radio and Jeff was hooked on the powerful blend of rock and blues that these new bands were developing. Jeff got his hands on every blues album he could and has collected thousands. Obviously Jeff wanted to learn this music himself and had a guitar and harmonica at an early age. He couldn’t quite figure out how those musicians were getting all of those notes out of the harmonica and focused on learning guitar instead. By the time Jeff reached his thirties he decided to give the harp another try and patiently figured out that crazy instrument. As the newest member of The Rockin' Blues Express, Jeff is having a blast playing with like minded musicians that are equally excited playing, rock, blues and a little R&B. When not playing or listening to music you may find Jeff selling homes in the area and catching baseball games with his teenage son.