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Joe the "Beatnik" Frankina II

Drummin, now, but started loving music at 10 years old with my very own acoustic guitar, which I still have, and weekly lessons, thanks to mom and dad. ( this was very early in the 1960s). Moved to San Jose in 1962..what a beautiful place.


Then it seemed that out of nowhere, a couple years later, comes new, hot, innovative, powerful, and exciting musical sounds..Yes,The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Rockin Blues with Elvis,the British Invasion, and tons more. It was a music fest.. Eric Clapton and Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Stones, The Doors,and a huge list of others. This new sound, social unrest, and a war in Vietnam, was driving change in the world.... and we new it.


Started, and played in, many folk groups in catholic churches...then GOTTA HAVE AN ELECTRIC GUITAR! By high school, the whole valley was rockin. Albatross, my high school band, played for High school and College dances. We were at all the Battle of The Bands events, and played for parties, S.J rec events, and for anyone who would have us.Problem... all 6 string bass. I switched to bass guitar, and loved it. ( still have my 40 year old Framus Bass)


Biggest early influences were Cream, Janis, and Jimi Hendrix. Saw Janis Joplin LIVE..still get chills remembering that concert. Saw B.B. King live around the same time....Put the two together, and The Blues became part of my soul.


Always had a thing for playin the skins...Raised a family ( son Joseph III is our "Babyface" keyboard player), and still had the bug to drum. Finally, one Christmas, my wife, tired of hearing me, gave me a drum practice pad, pair of sticks, and a month of drum lessons.....At middle age, I took 8:30 am lessons every Saturday from Miguel, a drummer half my age...I was humbled, and luckily, he was patient..


Then....5 years later, .I had learned drumming as well as an old, inpatient guy could, and... .GOTTA HAVE A BAND to drum with. Hooked up with old friends with the same desire to play again, and the rest is history........


This is all for fun, and I love it....Thanks to my wife, Alice for the lessons, and thanks to my parents, who encouraged me to pick up my first guitar. They attend our matter where we play. Thanks to son Joseph, for joining up with us. Thanks to friends, and family for continued support, including Joseph IV, and Anthony, my grandsons who are the next musical generation. Thanks to my good friends in the band..I feel lucky to be able to gig with such fine guys rock!


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